V’s Mobile Detailing Packages

Maintenance package

Cars/small SUV: $100
Trucks/Full size: $125


Level up

Cars/small SUV: $175
Trucks/Full size: $200


The Works

Cars/small SUV $300
Trucks/full-size SUV $350


(In Shop Service ONLY)


*All prices are subject to change based on the condition of the vehicle *
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Additional In Shop Services Offered:

Ceramic coating

● Provides paint with Maximum protection from dirt, bugs, acid, rain, and bird droppings

● Increased, scratched, chemical and salt resistance

● Protection from UV rays and extreme temperatures!

● Self-healing surface that requires minimal

● Enhances gloss and depth of color to get paint a wet look!

● Creates a super hydrophobic surface that repels water and dirt making vehicles easier to clean!

● Coatings provide a superior protection to All automotive services, including paint, rims, glass, leather, and trim


● Three years protection, starting: $800

● Six years protection, starting: $1000

● Nine years protection starting: $1400

Paint correction: Starting at $300

A multiple step procedure where scratches, swirls, oxidation and etching in paint is removed using proper compounds, polishes and pads, resulting in a long lasting shine and a deep gloss starting at.

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